St. Saviour High School Principal Gives Signs of Thanks to Graduating Seniors

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By Jessica Easthope

Most students wouldn’t be happy about waking up early on a weekend to find their principal on their front lawn. But the seniors at St. Saviour High School are not just any students and Carol Timpone is not your average principal.

“They’ve worked very, very hard, they’ve done the best that they could do and now today we’re starting to give back to them,” Carol said.

She and several other teachers from the Catholic high school in Park Slope, Brooklyn, picked neighborhoods and went door-to-door to each of the 64 seniors’ homes delivering lawn signs with their graduation year which, unfortunately, is not ending how they expected.

The group of seniors have been awarded more than $16 million in college scholarships. Their Catholic education is taking each of them on a different path toward their dreams.

Carol said the signs are a thank you to the girls who have spent the last four years leading lives of service.

“Their service is beyond belief,” Carol explained. “They give back to the community in any way they can. They step up to the plate.”

For senior Molly Murtagh, her service is far from over: she’s off to West Point in the fall.

“I really liked the strong sense of community, that’s a big thing at St. Saviour and I also saw that at West Point so I wanted to keep that going,” she told Currents News. “I think it’s a really good opportunity for me to help my country and that’s what I’m meant to do.”

The sense of belonging Molly felt at St. Saviour, Carol felt too when she arrived last year on her first day as principal.

“I walked in, I said, ‘This is where I belong,’” Carol recalled.

For her, the simple gesture is a way of keeping a connection with her girls.

“Religion is really all about connection, and when we lose that connection we lose our religious purpose,” Carol said.

She’s leading by example with hope and her faith.