St. Adalbert Parishioner Turns Hobby into Fundraiser for Children

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By Katie Vasquez

With just a crochet needle and some yarn, Zofia Ucinek creates whimsical items like a bear or peas in a pod.

The 16-year-old picked up the hobby two years ago; it wasn’t like she had free time since she is a swimmer and tennis player on top of schoolwork.

“I come home, sit down, do my homework, and then crochet until like one in the morning,” said Ucinek, a parishioner at St Adalbert Church.

During lent, she decided to use her skills for good. She made dozens of bunnies and baby chicks to sell after the Polish mass at St Adalbert church.

“Even before the mass finished, when people saw us leaving there, they were starting to follow us. They were already starting to follow us, asking, you know, like purchasing everything. And then once the mass finished and everybody was starting to leave, people were like asking, oh my gosh, do you have more? Do you have this one?” said Ucinek.

In just two Sundays, Zofia raised 800 dollars. As a sign of gratitude, she gave 200 to the Elmhurst church and 600 to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. A facility that treats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

“My first thought was, I want to give to children. I want to give to children in hospitals, you know, who can’t like going to parks with their friends,” said Ucinek.

Zofia’s strong catholic faith motivates her to show kindness to others, and she’s proud of the help she can provide young people.

“I felt amazing. It’s like being unable even to describe what I’m feeling because it felt so good. I love helping people.”

The Queen’s student plans to spend her summer stitching more items to raise money for St Jude around Christmas.

If you want to learn more about Zofia’s crocheted creations, call St. Adalbert church at 718-639-0212.