Sri Lankan Officials Had Multiple Warnings Of Terror Threat

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By Emily Drooby

As the death toll rises in Sri Lanka there is unspeakable grief and a community filled with sorrow. The funerals are continuing and the mourners are burying their dead, but the country remains on high alert. Sri Lankans everywhere are on edge and in fear of more bombers on the run.

Senior Sri Lankan intelligence officials are now revealing that the terror group National Tawheed Jamath was planning a second wave of attacks. The threat of more attacks is still very real.

“They are still looking out at who else is involved because inquiries lead to other names,” said Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

There are police and soldiers posted around the country.

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Clergy members are urging their communities to remain peaceful and calm, but anger is boiling over as the devastated country is learning more about security lapses and mishandled information.

Sri Lankan leaders are now calling for top officials to step down amid the security failures. The United States also acknowledged the ongoing terror threat.

“This isn’t over. There are likely plotters still out there. We are doing everything we can to support the government of Sri Lanka efforts to find all of the culprits and collaborators in this,” said U.N. Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Alaina Teplitz.

India is said to have relayed three specific warnings, one as early as April 4. The second came just a day before the attacks, and the last came an hour before the first explosions rocked the island nation.

The Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcom Ranjith, said in an interview with Radio Canada that had been warned about the attacks, he would have canceled Sunday Masses. Adding, “I would have cancelled even the Holy Week itself.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the coordinated bombings, but offered no proof.

Sri Lanka’s Defense Minister said information points to the bombers acting in retaliation to the attacks at two mosques in Christchurch. New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, has been unable to officially confirm those links.

“I have seen reports of those statements. We haven’t received anything officially nor have we received any intelligence reports that corroborate what has been said in Sri Lanka,” said Adern.