Sri Lanka Bombings Continue History of Christian Persecution

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By Tim Harfmann

The latest bombings in Sri Lanka are part of a pattern of attacks against modern-day Christians. On the minds of Church leaders, the all-too-familiar scenes of violence. “It just doesn’t seem to end — the persecution of believers throughout the world. Christians, especially, seem to feel the brunt of it,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York.

“To me, it’s such a cowardly act for people to kill other people while they’re worshiping,” said Bishop Gregory Mansour, chairman of Catholic Relief Services. The international aid organization works closely with Christians in nearly 170 countries, many where Christianity is a minority. “They cannot even make the sign of the cross or bring in a Bible. It is a sad state of affair that we cannot allow people to worship,” said Bishop Mansour.

In January, Currents News broke into NET-TV’s special, live coverage of World Youth Day with Pope Francis, as two church bombings killed at least 20 people and wounded about 100 more in the Philippines.

In 2017, two church bombings in Egypt killed 45 Coptic Christians during Palm Sunday services. A year earlier, an attack in Lahore, Pakistan on Easter Sunday killed 75 Christians wounded 300 more. Nearly 150 victims were killed during the 2015 Easter season, when militants attacked a university in Kenya.

Bishop Mansour said though many attacks are politically driven, people should devote their time to God rather than politics; “Don’t invest everything in this party or this party. Invest a little bit, [but] invest completely in the humanitarian work of Christ.”

A sentiment – that if taken to heart – could help end to the slaughter of innocent Christians around the world.