Spike and Spicy Are Alaskan Reindeer Twins Who Beat the Odds at Surviving

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Currents News Staff

Reindeer aren’t usually born as twins and survive, but a rare pair in Alaska has beaten the odds just in time for the holidays.

Meet Spike and Spicy. They were born at Williams Reindeer Farm right outside of Anchorage and quickly became a popular addition to the farm’s Santa experience tour. 

But according to the farmers, their arrival came as a surprise to everyone.

“Spicy and Spike’s mom. Her name is Sugar Mama, and she was in labor,” said Lauren Waite from the reindeer farm. “And as soon as the first one come out, I saw that there were two more feet hanging out of her bottom. And I panicked because I was like, ‘Oh no, this means twins.'”

Williams Reindeer Farm has been raising reindeer for over 30 years, and they say twins don’t often live past 24 hours.

However, Spike and Spicy are now six months old.