SoulCore Pairs Prayers With Movement, Nourishing Body and Spirit

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It looks like yoga, but it isn’t. Instead of mantras, participants recite the rosary.

It’s called SoulCore.

“SoulCore is a movement that engages the whole person in the sacred experience of the rosary, pairing the prayers of the rosary with functional movement, stretching, and strengthening,” said Colleen Scariano, creator of SoulCore.

This Catholic fitness apostolate is all about uniting the mind, body, and soul, combining poses with prayer.

Scariano created this movement mission after suffering a tragic loss.

Her mother, father, and brother all died in the span of three months.

Soon after, she turned to the Blessed Mother.

“The rosary began to be an instrument of healing for my grief, and as a busy mom, I started pairing the rosary with running—just more for getting two for one at the same time,” Scariano said. “And during those times of movement paired with the rosary came the most beautiful and healing time of prayer for me.”

Now through SoulCore, she’s sharing her peace, leading others in praying the rosary to strengthen their souls while working out to strengthen their cores, making our prayer more powerful.

“We are created body and soul, and even the Catholic Church teaches us that to give the highest form of prayer possible to the Lord, we need to engage both body and soul. We need to engage the full person,” Scariano said.