Song & Film Celebrates “The Patron Saint of The Internet” Blessed Carlo Acutis

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This is the official song of the film, “El cielo no puede esperar,” which means “Heaven can’t wait.” It is a film directed by José María Zavala about the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis.

The young composer and singer, Luis Mas, wrote the song. The music video was filmed in the studio and parish of the Diocese of Getafe, Spain. It features both content from the film and real images from Acutis’ childhood. For Mas, the project meant bringing together his professional career and personal life.

“From the start, I liked the idea of the song and thought that it was something the audience could take home with them. They don’t just see the movie and then it’s over. They also have the song at the end. I’ve listened to it many times now, and there are moments where it really becomes personal,” said Mas.

The uplifting song brings music to the biographical film about Acutis, the young Italian boy who died at the age of 15, only three days after being diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, his peaceful way of facing death has become an example to many around the world.

“We worked to make this song very sincere, honest and simple. In the end, those are the values that Carlo Acutis showed throughout his life,” he said.

Known as “the influencer of the Eucharist,” Carlo Acutis used social media to do good. He dedicated himself to spreading the Gospel on digital platforms, hoping to reach a younger audience. Many have already begun to consider him “the patron saint of the internet.”

“I think he’s a person who knew how to value the good things in life. Many times we choose to focus on the bad and end up complaining all day long. But if you emphasize the good, in the end you say, ‘he’s doing the same thing as the other guy, but he is living it to the fullest,’” he added.

The film is now in its final stages of editing and is expected to be released in 2023.