Society Faces ‘Educational Crisis’ on Sexuality, Says Vatican Document

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Currents News Staff

As LGBT supporters are celebrating Pride Month, the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education published a 30 page document on the current “educational crisis” on sexuality.

The document is for Catholic educators, parents and clergy.

Transgender, intersex and polyamory are just a couple themes of the latest Vatican document, “Male and Female He created them.”

Its goal is to guide and support educators amidst changing definitions of gender ideology. It states that sexual identity with LGBT now has a “third gender” option. It defines “transgender” and “intersex” as “ambiguous,” presupposing the sexual difference they hope to negate.

The article says this idea is a “provocative display” that ignores the suffering of sexual indeterminacy.

It regrets common societal changes such as sex and gender no longer being synonyms. As a result, the document says sexual orientations are not restricted to male and female, but to an individual.

It says gender theory also has moved away from nature toward the “feelings of the human subject.” This means many believe only affection is needed, regardless of gender or ability to naturally procreate.

The document says human sexuality isn’t a biological fact anymore, and gender identity shouldn’t be a point up for discussion.

It also states that family has become a “confused idea of freedom,” instead of truths of existence.

Male-female parented families, which it writes are necessary for a child’s development, are a threat to the existence of relationships with multiple partners or “polyamory.”

The document asks education to include acceptance, care and respect of the body, starting from within the family, then in schools and later in Church.

It should be in a process of listening, reasoning and proposing.

The document admits the opposing sides do agree on some points. Neither promote unjust discrimination in educational programs, and both desire “respect for every person,” and seeing “the values of femininity.”

The Vatican document doesn’t actually present new material, but rather restates what the Church stands for and laments changes within society.

It was signed Feb. 2 by the congregation’s prefect and secretary.