Sistine Chapel Exhibit Returns to New York City

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By Jessica Easthope

Among the hustle and bustle of gritty Manhattan – a spiritual experience awaits. The Vatican is right outside your front door in a Sistine Chapel exhibit returning to New York City.

“Think of it like you’re walking 10 feet under the ceiling,” said Martin Biallas the CEO of SEE Global Entertainment and creator of the exhibit. “You’re seeing these from a perspective not even a pope has seen.”

The exhibit, which features all 34 of Michelangelo’s frescoes from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, was created by Martin Biallas in 2015. Since then, the full-size photographic reproductions have toured the world attracting people who want to experience God, art and history through the iconic imagery.

“We want to present this for people of all different faiths because it’s a monumental art masterpiece,” Biallas said.

The exhibit has been designed to leave all the good of the Vatican experience without the rush or the crowds, and get this – you can take all the pictures and videos you like. The space is even open for weddings.

“You’re going to leave so relaxed and so inspired,” said Biallas. 

While walking around the exhibit, visitors are encouraged to use an audio guide to learn about the frescoes. The handheld, electronic device signals to a blurb about each fresco: just wait for the beep and listen.

“For the people who really want to have this as a spiritual experience, this is the way to go because you get all the information on the audio guide,” Biallas said.

Biallas says the exhibit has already helped evangelization by drawing in a young crowd to timeless art – so close you could touch it.

You too can step into the Sistine Chapel like never before. Just head on over to and click on “the city near you.” New York’s exhibit ends Jan. 2, 2022.