Shutdown Showdown – President and Dems Still Stalemated

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Currents News Staff

Two full weeks shut down – that’s what the government is facing as the partial shutdown carries into its 14th day.

“Open up the government and let’s continue discussions,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Congressional leaders were once again at the White House Friday, in the situation room, trying to reach a compromise on the government’s situation.

“How do you define progress in a meeting? When you have a better understanding of each other’s position, when you eliminate some possibilities? If that’s a judgment, then yes, we made some progress,” said Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

“I thought it was really a very good meeting. Were all on the same path in terms of wanting the government open,” said President Trump.

But the President has been insistent on securing additional funding for a border wall.

“This is national security we’re talking about. We’re not playing games, we have to do it,” he said.

Meanwhile Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has insisted he will not allow a vote in the senate until there is a compromise the president endorses.

“They know that a solution will need to be palatable to House Democrats and Senate Republicans alike, they know that making laws needs the president’s signature, we all learnt that in grade school,” said McConnell.

All the while hundreds of thousands of government employees are working without pay over a period that included the holidays.

This shutdown is now the 4th longest in United States history.