Should You Wear A Mask While Exercising? We Ask The Doctor

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Currents News Staff

We know wearing a mask protects others from you if you’re sick or you sneeze or cough but what about if you’re running or bike riding? There’s a lot of controversy around this. Some say it’s bad for your health to wear one. So, should you wear a mask while exercising?

Now that everyone is using anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizer constantly – some are concerned there could be long term implications on our immune systems.

A new French study shows one in 10 COVID patients who have diabetes die within a week of entering the hospital. Does being diabetic put you at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus compared to other health problems?

It’s that time of week again when we get the doctor’s ear. Here with some answers is doctor Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with The Catholic Medical Association.