Shoemaker Stays in Business During Pandemic by Making Crosses

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The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge economic impact. Some companies have gone out of business, and others are in jeopardy.

One of them is Al’s Shoe Service in Illinois.

Larry DeAngelo is not only talented in music, he’s also the business’s owner. Al’s has been in operation for 83 years, first in Franklin Park, and now in Mount Prospect. 

With the shelter in place, there’s no shoe to fix and no money to stay afloat.

They’re hurting like a lot of places are these days, but they came up with an inspiring idea to adapt to the crisis and hopefully stay afloat.

Larry’s daughter came up with an idea based on a cherished childhood gift he’d made them – a cross. Now, Larry’s making them in his store. 

“We remembered this cross and we knew how much we loved it and it’s one of a kind,” his daughter said. “It’s made out of love from him.”

“We take a sole, the leather s-o-l-e, and I transform them into a soul experience, s-o-u-l,” Larry explained. “This is something that is coming from my heart. That’s the way I play music, and that’s the way I fix shoes.”

The cobbler crosses cost 20 dollars. Within 24 hours of posting the crosses for purchase on the Mount Prospect Facebook page, the response has been incredible.

“The pride in owning this and carrying on my father’s legacy is the primary reason I’m still here,” Larry said. “I’m going to do this.”

“This is something that is coming from my heart,” he said. “That’s the way I play music, and that’s the way I fix shoes.”

“I think that’s why we are receiving the response we are is because he’s made such an impact on so many people,” his daughter said.