Sheep in Soho: New Flock Helps Tend The Grounds Of Old St. Pats

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A new flock has arrived at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Lower Manhattan.

Meet the SoHo sheep. 

These three fleece-covered guests are visiting old St. Pat’s from a farm in upstate New York, but for them, this is a working vacation.

The sheep will be tending the grounds of the church’s cemetery.

It was a tradition started almost ten years ago by a former pastor of the basilica.

Tommy Wilkinson, the president of Tommy’s New York, which offers tours of the grounds, feeds and tends to the flock. 

He said you can visit the SoHo Sheep for the next month or so, but there’s one catch.

This year’s flock are named Patrick for St. Patrick, Faustina for St. Faustina, and get this – “Fleece” Witherspoon.