Sheen Center Previews New Show on Original Sin

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Currents News Staff

A new show is about to debut, and it’s one Catholics may want to watch.

Called ‘Evil,’ the show pushes the boundaries between science and religion. The show follows a psychologist, a seminarian and a contractor who team up to investigate the church’s backlog of unexplained mysteries – like miracles and demonic possessions. 

The Catholic Sheen Center in Manhattan gave Currents News and some lucky viewers a sneak peak and the opportunity to talk with the series creator, Robert King.  

“The show is an acknowledgement of Original Sin. So, it’s not just looking at evil with a capital E, you know the possessions, the exorcisms. It’s trying to be very unlike the movie or the television show The Exorcist. it’s looking at evil in all its forms or in its daily forms,” he explained.

Evil premieres on CBS at 10 pm on September 26.