Scouts Help During Migrant Crisis, Young Girls in Troop 6000 Learning to Adapt

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As the city deals with a migrant crisis, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York is stepping in to ensure the youngest ones are being cared for.

A group of approximately 20 girls selling cookies at Grace Plaza in Manhattan on Thursday, Apr. 4, is part of Troop 6000. The Girl Scouts cohort is a first-of-its-kind program that was set up to help young girls living in the shelter system.

Using a bilingual curriculum, they’re helping the scouts learn and adapt to their new home.

“Girl Scouts of Greater New York,” said many of these young women from other countries, Troop 6000 offers comfort during a turbulent time.

Since this troop started seven years ago, it has served more than 2500 girls and young women.