Special Edition: School Year in Review

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A Catholic school in Queens is not just thriving โ€” it’s booming! St. Bartholomew Catholic Academy in Elmhurst saw a remarkable 20 percent jump in enrollment this year, a testament to the growing recognition of the benefits of diocesan schools by more parents in New York City.

While a recent report revealed that some of New York City’s elite specialized public high schools lack diversity, the Diocese of Brooklyn schools are shining examples of inclusivity and support.

Schools throughout the Diocese of Brooklyn are diverse and excel in helping students with academic challenges. Over the past few years, the diocese has made significant strides in special education, offering various services and accommodations that allow every student to thrive.

And it’s not every day you hear about new Catholics converting as children, but that’s the inspiring story of a brother and sister at St. Mel’s Catholic Academy in Flushing. Their journey to get closer to Christ is a testament to the robust community and faith found in our schools.