A School Shooting Shakes One Colorado Community For The Third Time

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Currents News Staff

A shooting devastated a Colorado community once again. This time, in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch.

A high school senior, only days away from graduating, has been killed in the 33rd school shooting this academic year. This time, a female juvenile and an 18-year-old male are in custody.

“If you had suggested to anyone behind me or in this room that within 20 years and 20 miles, we would have dealt with Columbine, Aurora Theater, Arapahoe High School… and yet here we are again,” said Colorado District Attorney George Brauchler, in disbelief.

Authorities say two students armed with handguns entered separate classrooms at STEM School Highlands Ranch around 2pm Tuesday.

While one student was killed, eight others were injured.

One father says his family has now been touched twice by these shootings.

“All of the victims that were shot have been released except for three children that are still in intensive care and at area hospitals,” said Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock.

An armed private security guard working at the school apprehended one shooter, according to the security guard’s company. Within two minutes of being alerted, the fast-acting Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call.

“We have an adult male that we sent out information on yesterday in custody at the Douglas County jail. We also have a juvenile female that is in custody right now,” said Spurlock of the individuals currently in question.

The STEM School is only seven miles from Columbine High School, where 20 years ago, 13 people were gunned down by two shooters.