Salve Regina Catholic Academy Shuts Its Doors

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by Katie Vasquez

There were cheers kicking off the last day of school at Salve Regina Catholic Academy but the joy is fleeting as this is the final time the teachers, students and parents will see each other. 

“I’m going to say goodbyes and just pray and hope that everything works out well,” said Sherice Martin, a parent at Salve Regina Catholic Academy. “I’m going to miss all my friends,” said Shemar Celestin, a 2nd grader at Salve Regina Catholic Academy.

The Diocese of Brooklyn announced in March that four schools will close their doors at the end of the school year. 

Along with Salve Regina, it includes St Matthias Catholic Academy in Ridgewood, Visitation Academy in Bay Ridge, and St Catherine of Genoa-St Therese of Lisieux Catholic Academy in Flatbush. 

Most of the students have found new schools and some of the staff will move on to other positions. 

“There’s no coming back. There’s no looking back in the school, and that in the hallway, nothing, nothing. It hits really, really, really hard. So it’s been a heart wrenching day for all of us,” said Salve Regina Catholic Academy parent and school aide, Aneta Jaimangal. 

But what happens to all the items inside the school? Desk, chairs and books will be offered to other diocesan schools. 

Religious statues and paintings will stay with the church affiliated with the school.

Staff will have until July 15th to  pack up everything else. 

“We have to box up all the student records. we have to box up the admin files and everything, and then all that gets sent out to archives. so we will be here for the next few weeks doing all the paperwork that has to get done for the diocese,” said Salve Regina Catholic Academy principal, Michelle Donato.

Holding on to all the memories of the school before the doors close permanently.

“It’s just very fond to our hearts. We have so many things that, you know, we’ve experienced here,” said Salve Regina Catholic Academy parent, Joselyn Vasquez, “it’s just, you know, a hard place to replace.”