Russia Continues its Hostile Attack on Ukraine on Orthodox Easter

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Currents News Staff

Intense fighting continued across Ukraine on Orthodox Easter Sunday, April 24. But amid major Russian bombardment, some Ukrainian parishioners still made their way to church to honor traditions and to pray for those on the frontline of the war.

“It’s less festive this year…” said Lviv resident Larysa Kovalyk.

Some parishioners in Lviv ignored the warnings to celebrate the Orthodox Easter holiday from home.

“But we want to keep up our traditions and we want our kids to understand that God is with us,” Larysa said, “he helps us.”

Supporting troops on the frontline with food donations and prayers, as fighting rages on in Mariupol. Ukrainian officials say Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected a holiday ceasefire.

On Sunday, Russian forces continuously shelled a steel plant where hundreds of soldiers and civilians were holed up, according to a senior Ukrainian official. To the west of Mariupol, in Melitopol, the mayor there says Putin’s goal is clear.

“He wants to kill all Ukrainian nation,” said Mayor Ivan Fedorov. “And of course he start from occupied cities and now we can’t deliver humanitarian aid.”

In Odessa, new video shows a Russian missile strike on an apartment building. Odessa’s mayor says eight people were killed, including a three-month-old baby and her mother.

The White House said Ukraine can expect more announcements on U.S. assistance this week. The first Ukrainian-born member of congress is urging the U.S. to send more than money and weapons to Ukraine.

“It’s important for us to be on the ground and shows that, you know, our country stands with the people of ukraine,” said Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz. “And I hope President Biden will actually someday, make it here, to meet with President Zelenskyy.”