Rosary Rally Honors Blessed Mother

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Catholic elementary school students arrived by the busloads to the Co-Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

They took a special field trip for the rosary rally, to strengthen their devotion to the blessed mother.

“It’s really spiritual to me, and I’m glad to have this opportunity to come here today,” said Nicholas Guariniello, an eighth grader at Saint Bernadette Catholic Academy.

While grasping their sacred beads, hundreds of young Catholics from Brooklyn and Queens recited the glorious mysteries of the rosary.

“First thing you need to do is say the Apostles’ Creed, then say the Our Father, then say three Hail Marys, the glory be. Then, you say the Our Father again, then 10 Hail Marys,” said Maria Bavaro, a fourth grader from Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy.

They continued each decade led by Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop James Massa.

“We’re passing on the faith to another generation,” said Bishop Massa.

He explained the connection the children have with the Blessed Mother, who is depicted throughout the co-cathedral.

“There’s a special relationship that Mary, the mother of the Lord, has with children,” said Bishop Massa. “She is a second mother, the heavenly mother.”

Clarice Cabrera, a seventh grader at Saint Brigid Catholic Academy said, “She inspires me a lot so that one day, if God wants, I can become a nun.”

“She has a close connection to Jesus, so praying to her is almost like praying to Him… because He has to listen to His mother,” said Johnathan Bernadeau, an eighth grader from Saint Bernadette Catholic Academy.

Bishop Massa also encouraged the children to have a special prayer intention for each bead.

“Today, I’m praying for my parents and some extended family members,” said Bernadeau.

“For my family in Ecuador, so that they can be healthy,” said Cabrera.

“Since it’s the beginning of the school year, kids can stay concentrated throughout all the blur of life,” said Guariniello.

Through the rosary rally, the children hope their heavenly mother answers their prayers.