Rockaway Beach Students Prepare For School Year On The Feast Of The Assumption

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by Katie Vasquez
Dozens of parishioners from St. Rose of Lima in Rockaway Beach gathered at Mass Tuesday to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption, the day Mary was assumed into heaven.

It’s a calming way for the students like Layla Brooks to prepare for the start of school.

“I liked when they played the music because it was,like, relaxing,” Brooks said , “I really just liked it because music really makes my day.”

It was also a chance to meet their new principal, Ms. Karrie Moffo.

“I think it’s important to interact with your community, to give them the opportunity to come and talk to you and get to know them,” said Moffo.

After the Mass, parents were able to meet the principal in the school’s parking lot.

While the kids played games, parents took the time to get to know the lead educator.

“You understand the needs that they have and the questions or the queries or the worries,” She said.

But Ms. Moffo said parents shouldn’t be concerned. Her first priority is their children’s future.

“The push should be for high student achievement so we’re going to increase academic rigor,” Moffo said. “We’re going to make sure that we are functioning with operational systems that are smooth. Then obviously communication and events, having families come in and having a lot of parental involvement.”

The event itself was helping for the start of the new school year as students got their uniforms early.

“This is phenomenal because the uniform store is a madhouse and half the time they don’t have what you need. And then you order it and they cancel your order. So I’m stocking up,” said parent, Evelyn Collins.

This should set up students for success as the first day of classes starts September 6th.