Under Quarantine in Rome: Religious Sisters Pray for End to Pandemic

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By Melissa Butz

Two convents of nuns right outside of the Eternal City are currently under quarantine when many tested positive for coronavirus.

Last week the first tests were carried out.

Then more than 40 sisters from the Daughters of San Camillo, had contracted the illness. 

They had been praying together as a community for an end to the pandemic.

Likewise, the 21 Angelic Sisters of St. Paul in Rome only had two who tested negative. 

They work with children, but schools in Italy closed at the beginning of March.

Currents News reached out to both convents, but did not receive a response to see if the number of cases have risen or how many are in intensive care.

On March 23, Cardinal Krajewski delivered milk and yogurt to the sisters, as a sign of closeness on behalf of Pope Francis.

There are also more than 50 priests, mostly in the north of Italy, who have now died as a result of coronavirus.