Recent Queens College Graduate Launches Scholarship to Help Pregnant or Parenting Students

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By Currents News Staff

Malika Pegues has a lot of goals, like finishing college and becoming a neuropsychologist. These are goals she’s working towards, all while raising three girls.

“Being a mom while in school, I’m not going to lie, it is very, very complicated,” Malika said, “but it’s very much possible, if you have the right support.”

She has new support from Josephine Rose who founded the Kathleen Mullally Foundation. Named after Josephine’s late aunt, it provides college scholarships to pregnant or parenting students.

Supporting parents is something that’s very important to Josephine. The Catholic is a pro-life advocate and was part of the Queens College chapter of Students for Life of America.

“It’s on us, as Christians and members of the human family, to support that and to make sure that yes you can follow your dream and have a family,” Josephine explained.

The foundation is new, but Josephine has already raised almost $15,000 dollars. Malika got the first $1,000 scholarship.

Of the decision, Josephine said, “She made it so easy to choose her.”

Malika is a Christian, a mother of three, and a veteran. During the pandemic, she moved her family into a domestic abuse survivor shelter.

She’s been through so much but her grades never suffered, her smile never faltered and she still takes the time to helps other. She’s a counselor at New Horizon Counseling Center with NYC Project Hope.

The money she received from the scholarship was given to her during a ceremony at Queens pregnancy support center, the Bridge to Life.

“I am a one income household,” Josephine explained. “I don’t really get any support with raising my daughters, so it really did help me with bill payment.”

Right now, the scholarship is for Queens College students but soon Josephine hopes to take it state-wide and even national.