Queens Student Earns Rare Supernova Scout Award

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by Katie Vasquez

He earned the achievement after a lot of research and activities which included indoor skydiving to learn about aerodynamics, a day camp for coding and making a mini volcano to learn about geology.

His mom who is also the assistant cubmaster for the scouts estimates he put in 100 hours over 6 months.

“I guess the equivalency would be, I think about like a science class for a year, but like just a whole nother on his own time type of thing,” said Olewnicki. 

The list of requirements for the award is so daunting that few finish it. 

“Less than 1% of scouts overall nationwide complete this award,” said Olewnicki.

 The 8 year old plans to earn another supernova award once he crosses over to Boy Scouts. 

Until then he will continue working on projects that challenge him.


“When I’m done with it, I test it out  and sometimes it like, turns out good. and if i and if it doesn’t then i have to figure it out, it’s like a puzzle,” said Julian. 


Julian’s goal is to be an aerospace engineer when he gets older.