Puerto Rico, Caribbean Brace for Impact of Tropical Storm Dorian

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Currents News Staff

Puerto Ricans are scrambling to stock up on supplies before tropical storm Dorian churns closer and closer by the hour, with the potential to hurricane strength. 

The storm system intensified as it raged across the Atlantic on August 27. Puerto Rico’s governor has declared a state of emergency, and now other parts of the Caribbean are following suit and making preparations. 

“When a storm comes, we are much worried about what is going to become after,” said Kamil Matos who is preparing for the storm. 

Residents are bracing for impact while many are still reeling from Hurricane Maria’s devastation in 2017, when thousands were killed and power was knocked out for nearly the entire U.S. territory.

“The whole island has been traumatized, so you have to take that into consideration,” explained Dr. Jesus Vega, a resident of the island. 

In Barbados, anxiety over the storm had motorists lined up bumper to bumper to fill up on gas. 

And in Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Agency activated two Miami-based federal task forces one headed to Puerto Rico and another to Saint Croix.

“We prepare, we train year round and our guys are elite. They’re the best of the best. The 28 teams around the country are the elite. They are trained to the technician level across the board and where their expertise might be,” said  Scott Dean, Assistant Chief of Miami’s Fire Rescue.