Program Provides Spiritual Healing And Support For Women Who’ve Had An Abortion

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By Emily Drooby

Back in the 1980’s, Pamela had an abortion. For over 20 years she held on to the pain she felt, hiding it from the rest of the world.

Pamela explained, “I suffered for many years, silently, in a culture that basically, really dissuades people from ever really speaking out about their abortion experience.”

But In 2011, she found a message in her local parish bulletin, asking, “Are you hurting from a past abortion?”

Pamela said, “It was that little blurb for Rachel’s Helpers in my parish bulletin that really changed my life.”

With the help of the support group, Pamela started healing.

She made clear that, “It was the first time I was really able to reveal all the pain I had been feeling for so long and exactly what had happened.”

Now, years later, Pamela helps run the group, along with several other women.

Pamela explained, “I feel that I am able by this to take something horrible that I did and turn it for good for other women.”

Rachel’s Helpers’ Forgiven and Set Free program uses scripture readings, writing exercises, and guided discussions to help women who have had an abortion, heal spiritually.

Julia, with the Queens pregnancy help center, The Bridge to Life, helps lead the discussions, working from the Bible and a Bible study book called Forgiven and Set Free.

Julia said, “That is our call to help them feel that they have been forgiven and set free.”

The group meets within the Diocese of Brooklyn once a week for eight weeks, the number that matches the chapters in the Bible study book. They have two sessions each year, in the fall and spring.

Pamela believes what she found in her parish bulletin was thanks to divine intervention.

Pamela said, “I haven’t seen it very often again so I do believe I know that was there for me and I know the Lord was showing me a way.”

Her hope is that with Rachel’s Helpers, other women in need will be able to follow the same path to healing that she did.

If you or someone you know would like more information about Rachel’s Helpers, call (347) 702-2352.