Catholic Leaders And Elected Officials Team Up To Protect Infant Survivors Of Abortion

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By Tim Harfmann

Elected officials and Catholic leaders are pushing for a Congressional vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. It would provide any child who survives an abortion the same medical care given to other newborns.

Brooklyn’s Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio offered strong backing of the measure in a statement: “I join in supporting the members of Congress who, despite opposition from the Democratic leadership, have committed themselves to bring the Born-Alive Act to a vote. It is grossly inconceivable that there are elected officials inhibiting the right of infants who survive an abortion. There are many people mobilized in the name of the unborn and I encourage the Brooklyn and Queens faithful to contact their Congressional representative on this critical issue. In the name of the life of all babies who will survive an abortion, I pray that this bill will be brought for a vote and adopted.”

Congress needs 218 House members to sign a petition and force a vote. “How is it legal in America to kill a baby after its been born outside the womb? It’s shocking!” said Congressman Steve Scalise, Republican House Whip.

Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner introduced the Born-Alive legislation; “We stand on your shoulders in protecting the most vulnerable in our society. I came to Congress to be a voiceless for the voiceless.” Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming urged Democrats to reach across the aisle; “If you are for the people, that has to start with being for the most vulnerable among us, for the babies!”

U.S. bishops gave several reasons why protection is necessary: Babies are born alive during abortions; the bishops cited evidence that babies born alive are killed or neglected; Church leaders argued current laws are insufficient; and they pointed to New York’s abortion law, which removed existing protections for babies born alive.

The Knights of Columbus, at the forefront of the pro-life movement, is fully behind the bill. “It really is incomprehensible how a baby could be born, whether it be through a botched abortion or whatever, and they just leave it on the table. It’s mind-boggling that someone would even consider that humane,” said Kenneth Latham, New York State’s Deputy Knight. Carl Anderson, National Supreme Knight, called on America’s one-million knights to act. “They must write their congressman. they must reach out to them, call them, flood them. you know, flood their phone banks, make their phones ring off the hook,” said Latham.