Pro-Life Sentiments Growing in New York

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By Emily Drooby

As Denise Collins prepares her morning tea before heading to Mass, she thinks about the Reproductive Health Act, the Governor Cuomo backed law that eliminates virtually all restrictions on abortion in the state.

Denise Collins is a parishioner at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. She explained, the law has motivated her to become more pro-life.

Collins said, “I had called myself pro-life but I was very inactive and felt guilty for not paying attention to the issue.”

Collin’s is not alone, Laura Sica of the Life Center of New York in Bay Ridge said she’s also seen the pro-life movement grow since Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law.

Sica explained, “A lot of people who have not been pro-life are so horrified by this bill that they’re turning to our side and coming to realize that abortion is wrong.”

Denise Collins also at one time approved of legalized abortion, until she faced questions about snuffing out the lives of the unborn.

Collins explained, “That fateful question, like why, why would you actually do that, turned me around.”

As Collin’s heads to Mass, she knows the sanctity of life will be supported by her parish and fellow parishioners. With the help of parishioners like Collins, Immaculate Heart, has started a pro-life ministry.

Deacon John Cantirino of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, said, “That’s a direct result of what has been festering for a while as abortion has become more and more accepted.”

While Father Ilyas Gill, the church’s pastor said, “They want to do something for the people and raise their voices against this injustice.”

The group is new but they plan on offering information and support for the unborn.

Awilda Perez, parishioner at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and member of the group explained, “We have to get the word out there because the media, tv, internet has given a false sense of message, it’s not the truth.”

The pro-life ministry meets once a month. Those interested can call the rectory at 718-871-1310 or email

A eucharistic adoration dedicated to the pro-life movement being held here every second Friday of the month, at 8am.