Pro-Life Groups Want Mothers to Choose Life as COVID-19 Baby Boom Looms

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By Emily Drooby

On May 26, Chris Slattery sorted through donations for moms and newborns that are facing a financial strain with the mounting jobs loses caused by the pandemic.

Slattery said, “We’re providing many more alternatives and much more help than we have normally given.”

He is the founder of pro-life organization Expectant Mother Care. The group has been helping mothers in need now and preparing for a potential baby boom as couples spend increasing amounts of time together at home.

“There might be an increase in birth rates, it’s great, that’s wonderful, the church is happy that it is alive and growing with little ones,” explained, Christian Rada, the Director of Marriage, Family Formation, and Respect Life Education for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

He says support is essential to help women choose life, especially during unstable times.

Rada said, “Families are wondering, how can I support another person, another mouth to feed, when I’m struggling to support myself?”

In NYC, the unemployment rate is 22 percent. City Comptroller Scott Stringer estimates another 900,000 could lose their jobs by the end of June.

If there is a baby boom, women would either be pregnant now or very soon which means they need help now, not just in nine months.

“What we are actually concerned about is, maybe when the pregnancies are towards the early signs like 12 weeks, that’s pretty soon now, we are really around the corner, so we just want to be able to support those women right away,” said Sister Magdalene Theresa of the Sisters of Life.

They’ve been expanding their efforts to keep up with the increased need caused by the financial hardships of the pandemic. They have been delivering essentials to those in need and have set up an extensive baby registry on Amazon.

Like the Sisters, Slattery’s organization has been doing all they can to help. For months, they have gathered and distributed everything from diapers to bikes.

Slattery said, “It offers the essential hope because people feel, when boyfriend abandon them, out of work fathers don’t come through, someone has to substitute, be there like their family, show there are people who care about them.”

Slattery estimating they’ll give out about a million dollars in goods over the next three months. He says the need is greater than ever.

Explaining, “We have seen a dramatic number of calls with interest in getting abortion.”

This could be because of increased financial pressure of having a baby. Slattery added he could be seeing more calls because some abortion facilities have closed in for the pandemic.

Adding it shows just how important it is to step up for mothers during this time, so they can choose life.