Priests in Ukraine are Going to Bomb Shelters to Celebrate Mass

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Currents News Staff

Ukrainians continue to witness scenes of heavy fighting out their windows as Russia continues its invasion of the country.

Those unable to flee the country are taking refuge, in shelters such as subway stations and basements.

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Major Archbishop of Kyiv Sviatoslav Shevchuk, has issued a video to the Catholic community sheltering in place.

“Everyone must remain at home to not risk their lives. Therefore, it will be the Church that will come to them,” said Shevchuk.

He is sending Ukrainian Greek Catholic priests to bomb shelters and basements to celebrate the liturgy for the faithful, and is asking them to offer Mass for a special intention.

“Offer Holy Communion for our military. Today, our lives are in their hands. Offer it for the wounded, the marginalized, and for those who have become refugees in this bloody war in Ukraine,” said Shevchuk.

During the first days of the invasion, Archbishop Shevchuk shared that he was taking shelter under the Cathedral in Kyiv, like these people hunkered down under a Church. He thanked Pope Francis for his offer to help in any way possible, as well as all those who are contributing to the cause.

“I thank all those who are trying to honestly tell the truth about Ukraine today, who are collecting humanitarian aid, collecting medicine, or simply praying for Ukraine’s victory,” said Shevchuk.

Although Ukrainians are preparing for the worst, Catholics like these in Kyiv are showing that their spirits have not been shaken.