Priest Who Knows Pell: He’s “Been Made a Scapegoat”

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Currents News Staff

While in studio with Currents News discussing his new book, Father Wilson Miscamble was asked about the Cardinal George Pell verdict by the Editor Emeritus of The Tablet, Ed Wilkinson.

“I’ve known Cardinal Pell for a number of years and I believe strongly in his innocence,” said Miscamble.

“I cannot understand how a jury reached the verdict they did, based on the evidence that was presented to the court,” he added.

Cardinal Pell is 77. He was sentenced to six years in prison on March 13th. The sentencing comes two weeks after a Melbourne court allowed the publication of news that he had been found guilty of abusing two boys.

Cardinal Pell continues to proclaim his innocence and will try to appeal the verdict. June 5th & 6th have been set as dates to consider the basis for the appeal.

“I just have to assume that the overall atmosphere in Australia, the sort of toxic atmosphere, in which Cardinal Pell has sort of been made a scapegoat – for the problems of the Catholic Church over these past decades – was at play in this verdict,” said Miscamble.