Priest Shortage Impacting Thousands Of Churches

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A number of churches across the country are in need of priests.

The amount of clergy leaders has drastically dropped over the last half century and there’s no easy fix to the problem.

It’s an issue that many communities in Connecticut are dealing with. 

Bishop Juan Miguel  Betancourt, the Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese Of Hartford, was aware of the situation when he was in seminary school and was told then that there was a major need for Catholic priests.

 “The conversations have been going on for a while now,” Betancourt said. “We have to do everything possible.”

The Archdiocese of Hartford has been particularly hard hit. Since 2017, it has endured a loss of 50 priests who have left active ministry, with another 35 priests expected to retire before 2030.

Bishop Betancourt is now trying to find a solution, adding: “Our priests are being spread thin. It’s going to be a challenge. A big one.”