Presidential Candidates Prepare to Take the Stage in New Hampshire

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Currents News Staff

From a “get out the vote” event to a visit to a childcare center, Senator Elizabeth Warren is busy crisscrossing the Granite State, as are her fellow Democratic presidential candidates before the New Hampshire primary debate. 

“This is a campaign that a year ago, I think a lot of people were questioning why we were even making the attempt,” said Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg.

But after narrowly taking the lead in Iowa, Buttigieg is talking about why he should be the person to take the White House from President Donald Trump.

“We just had this idea that we could build a different kind of politics of belonging based on bringing people together,” he explained. 

Meanwhile, Buttigieg’s surge in the polls is definitely bringing his opponents together, with Senator Bernie Sanders him out for accepting campaign cash from billionaire donors.

“I like Pete Buttigieg, nice guy,” he said. “But we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but our political life.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was considered the front-runner early on but came in fourth in iowa, is also focusing his attention on Buttigieg in New Hampshire.

“I do believe it’s a risk, I’ll be straight-up with you: for this party to nominate someone who’s never held an office higher than mayor of a town with 100,000 people in Indiana,” said Biden.