Countdown to Caucus: Presidential Candidates Set the Stage in Last Debate Before Iowa

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By Michelle Powers

Only six presidential candidates took the stage last night, making it clear today that the reality is all six are frontrunners and only one will leave Iowa with a win. 

As the presidential Democratic prospects took the stage on the evening of Jan. 14 for the debate in Des Moines, Iowa, it was clear what’s at stake: the final chance for these White House hopefuls to go head to head before the Iowa Caucuses.

The progressive favorites, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, addressed the heated rhetoric between the two campaigns this week. 

Meanwhile, for Joe Biden, the night presented another opportunity to focus on who he hopes will be his only opponent come November: President Donald Trump.

“It was predictable from the day he pulled out of the agreement — Trump — what exactly would happen. We’re now isolated,” he said.

Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar continued to court a more moderate vote, seeing a path to the nomination by focusing on centrists.

“It’s going to take a view of the future, as well as the readiness, to learn from the lessons of the past,” explained Buttigieg. 

“When it comes to Iraq, right now, I would leave our troops there,” said Klobuchar.

And the sixth candidate, businessman Tom Steyer, positioned himself as the outsider. 

“It’s time from someone from the outside to have a strategic view, about what we’re trying to do, and how to do it,” he said. 

The candidates spoke out the key issues, many important to Catholic trying to vote with their conscience.

“Every other major country on earth is guaranteeing health care for all,” said Sanders, “the time is long overdue.”

“What you want in the president is someone who has dealt with these life and death decisions,” said Klobuchar on the topic of foreign policy. 

“I am the one who has the broadest coalition of anyone running up here in this race,” responded Biden in regards to taking on Donald Trump.

But candidates mostly skipped over health care and abortion entirely, it was a disappointing move for pro-life Democrats ahead of Washington D.C.’s March for Life next week. 

The candidates will not share the debate stage again until after Iowa’s Feb. 3 caucuses. Until then, campaigning will take place in living rooms, diners and community centers in Iowa and the other early voting states.