Presidential Candidates Talk Catholic Issues, Professions of Faith

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Currents News Staff

Looking at the Feb. 25 Democratic debate from a Catholic lens, is Saint John’s University’s political professor, Brian Browne. 

The topic of racial injustice came up often among the presidential candidates in South Carolina, and the U.S. bishops have long fought against racism. In their videos on faithful citizenship, they highlighted bringing justice to victims of racism. 

Another big topic, gun control, was also covered during the debate. The U.S. bishops have spoken out on the issue as well. 

After the shooting in Dayton, Ohio last August, they said in a statement, “The conference has long advocated for responsible gun laws and increased resources for addressing the root causes of violence. We also call upon the President and cCongress to set aside political interests and find ways to better protect innocent life.”

Senator Bernie Sanders, in particular, was targeted for his votes on gun rights.

Among the candidates, there were actually a few professions of faith.

According to the Pew Research Center, 78 percent of adults in South Carolina are Christian. 

Brown offers his view on whether these were just a bid for election, or actual shows of faith. 

A recent poll by EWTN showed who Catholics would vote for if the general election were to happen today, with the highest percentages given to Biden and Sanders. 

Brown shares his take on if either candidate can win South Carolina and, looking forward, Super Tuesday.