President Trump Wipes Out Disabled Vets Loans

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Currents News Staff

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump laid the plans to eliminate student loan debt for tens of thousands of permanently disabled veterans.

“I am taking executive action to ensure that our wounded warriors are not saddled with mountains of student debt. The debt of these veterans will be entirely erased. It’ll be gone,โ€ said Trump.

The executive action will wipe out an average of thirty-thousand dollars of debt owed by more than 20-thousand eligible veterans.

“That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt held by our severely wounded warriors. It’s gone forever,โ€ continued Trump.

Veterans who are permanently and totally disabled are already eligible to have their student loan debt forgiven, but this executive action makes it automatic.

Sgt. Katherine Cassell. Who served two tours in Iraq said, “This is an amazing relief on my family as well as I know many thousands of veterans as well.”

Education Secretary Betsy Devos applauded the President’s plan, saying in a statement, quote: “We will continue to prioritize the needs of our nation’s veterans and provide them the help and support they have earned and deserve.”

Pres. Donald Trump added, “You fought courageously for our country and now my administration is fighting courageously for you.”