President Trump Fights For Border Wall With New Budget Plan

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Currents News Staff

The White House on Monday defended a budget blueprint that proposes deep cuts to domestic programs in education, health and environmental programs.

“Washington has a spending problem and it endangers the future prosperity of Americans for future generations to come,” said Russell Vought, Acting White House Budget Director.

The proposal: two-point-seven trillion dollars in spending cuts in some areas, and boosting others, with an eye toward the president’s 2020 re-election campaign.

“The president’s budget is to remind everyone, is a reflection of his priorities. Every president budgets a reflection of their priorities,” said Rep. Michael Waltz.

It proposes a five percent increase in defense spending and eight-point-six billion dollars for a border wall – reviving a battle with Congress that resulted in a recent 35-day government shutdown.

Hill democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said the president won’t get that wall money.

Others say he needs to mind the budget process.

“Let’s get this out in the open. One of the biggest criticisms of the presidents ask is we haven’t seen what he really wants and let the experts talk about it in a hearing. So we’ll see how it goes. I think it’s part of the budgetary process where you ask and then negotiate,” said Sen. Doug Jones.

This week, the Senate is poised to reject the emergency declaration the president made to access funds for his border wall, when Congress wouldn’t approve the request last month. The president has said he’ll veto the measure.