Biden Visits Storm-Ravaged Areas of New York and New Jersey

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Currents News Staff

One week after Hurricane Ida first made landfall, killing more than a dozen people in Louisiana and Mississippi and causing widespread flooding half a nation away, those in the storm’s path are still reeling and picking up the pieces.

Barbara Amarantinis is from Queens.

“Everybody’s personal belongings are out on the street and we’ve seen what it looks like down South after a hurricane,” Barbara said. “This is what Queens looks like today. It’s horrible.”

In the northeast, the full impact is still unknown.

“If you drive around Queens,” Barbara said, “it looks like a bomb went off.”

After Ida unleashed devastating floods it left dozens dead in at least six states and more than two dozen in New Jersey alone.

“The last four days have been so devastating to so many families with more than 130 properties damaged,” said Lou Manzo, the mayor of New Jersey’s Harrison Township. “Thirty-five completely destroyed families uprooted, infrastructure affected, poles down.”

In Louisiana, some of the hardest hit areas are still feeling the heat with no power. 

“We know there are a lot of people out there who are in fact hurting,” said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Please take advantage of cooling shelters, if you can. Run your generators if you have them, but do it safely.”

In some areas of the Bayou State, it could be weeks before all power is restored.