Praying Before the Blessed Sacrament Led Priest to Vocation, Answering God’s Call

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A priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn believes that praying before the Body of Christ led him to the priesthood.

Father James Rodriguez, pastor of Saint Rose of Lima Church in Rockaway Beach, remembers when he answered God’s call.

He started praying quietly before the Blessed Sacrament 25 years ago, asking the Lord for help determining his vocation.

Then, in a moment of divine intervention, a random older woman, also immersed in prayer, turned to him and uttered the unexpected words, ‘You should become a priest.’

Father Rodriguez initially shrugged it off until he realized it was the answer he’d been waiting for.

Now, as a pastor, Father Rodriguez encourages other Catholics to spend time in a chapel or church, praying before the Body of Christ, just like he did.