Hundreds Pray for the Unborn With ‘Rosary for Life’

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By Katie Engesser

For 27 years, the international group Rosary for Life has been organizing prayer for those too young to speak for themselves, so that the sin of abortion will be stopped forever. 

As the passing of the Reproductive Health Act removes nearly all restrictions on abortion right up to the moment of birth, and just days after Planned Parenthood announced the opening of a mega-clinic in Illinois, this year’s rosary is needed more than ever before.

“We are in the midst of the place where we have to give witness very courageously, and very clearly,” explained Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who helps lead the pro-life legion. 

“If we’re going to win this battle, Christ is going to do it. It’s not your efforts or mine alone, it’s Christ through us,” he said. 

Vicar General of Brooklyn, Bishop Raymond Chappetto, celebrated a Mass to honor the over a quarter century of praying for the end of this culture of death. 

“Our Blessed Mother is a wonder protector of life. She gave life to the savior of the world. She brought life into the world, our life, our hope, our strength and our peace, Jesus Christ,” Bishop Chappetto said, noting how no one is better equipped for this battle than the Virgin Mary. 

Drawing strength from Christ, their rosaries and their faith, the Diocese of Brooklyn continues to fight for the rights of the unborn.