Postal Service Worker Credited With Saving Woman’s Life After Mail Goes Unclaimed

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Currents News Staff

A mail carrier in a small New Hampshire town is being called a hero for paying attention to the little things – and thankfully, it led to saving a woman’s life.

Kayla Berridge noticed one of her elderly customers hadn’t picked up her mail in days. So, the postmaster requested a welfare check.      

The police found the woman on the floor, trapped under items that had fallen on her and took her to a nearby hospital for treatment. The authorities say Kayla’s actions probably saved the woman’s life, but this humble mail carrier says it’s her job.

 “I like this job because I love my customers and getting to know them, and I feel like if people cared more and just paid attention, something we should all do,” she said.

The elderly woman had hypothermia and was dehydrated but is expected to make a full recovery.