An Interreligious Dialogue: Pope Francis Meets With Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan

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Currents News Staff

The prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan met with Pope Francis in the Vatican. 

Masrour Barzani says they spoke about the situation in Iraq and the Middle East.

The prime minister likely re-invited the Holy Father to visit the region.

During their meeting, they discussed the importance of interreligious dialogue in promoting tolerance and ending extremism.

Pope Francis emphasized this message with a gift: a copy of the Document on Human Fraternity he signed in Abu Dhabi with Muslim leaders a year ago. 

“I would like people of different religions to be able to embrace one another,” Pope Francis said. 

The pontiff was also struck by a photograph of a cross raised in a town after the defeat of the Islamic State.

The cordial meeting ended with a mutual request.

“Once again, thank you,” said Barzani. “I express our gratitude.”

“Pray for me,” Pope Francis asked

“And please, you pray for us,” Barzani responded. 

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis met with Barham Salih, president of Iraq. The pontiff asked him to guarantee the safety of Christians in Iraq and to make sure they are included in the country’s future.