Pope In Angelus Remembers Victims Attacked In Central African Republic

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Currents News Staff

In the final days of the liturgical year, the Church reflects on the Apocalypse. During the Angelus, the Pope said that this will be the decisive moment when the whole truth of one’s life will come to light.

“We will have with us nothing more than what we have achieved in this life by believing in his Word: all and nothing of what we have lived or neglected to do. We will bring with us only what we have given. What we have given,” said the Holy Father.

The Pope also denounced the violence in Central African Republic. An armed group attacked a refugee camp, killing 42 people. Two of the victims were priests.

“I was saddened to hear of the massacre, two days ago, in a refugee camp in the Central African Republic. Let us pray for the dead and for the wounded. Let us pray the violence will cease in that beloved country that is in great need of peace. Let’s pray a Hail Mary together,” said the Pope.

Before going to lunch, the Pope asked pilgrims also for prayers for the victims of the massive fires in California and frost suffered by those on the east coast of the United States.