Pope Francis Focuses on U.S., Iran and Protecting the Vulnerable With World Diplomats

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By Melissa N. Butz

The U.S.- Iran crisis and protecting young people from abuse were the biggest themes for Pope Francis’s highly anticipated speech to the world’s diplomats.

The Holy Father got straight to business in his address to the ambassadors, saying so far 2020 has been plagued with confrontation that could engulf much of the Middle East.

Pope Francis said that keeping the flame of dialogue alive is important to create an environment where peace could flourish.

The other major issue he tackled was ensuring children and vulnerable people are protected from clerical abuse.

The pontiff expanded on his call for “an all-out” battle, with a new emphasis on education. 

Pope Francis said education should not be limited to schools, but extend to churches and social communities, so that group efforts can assist families in their primary role as educators.

This is one of the Holy Father’s most important speeches every year, giving him the chance to highlight the issues that mean most to him.

He also talked about care for our common home, helping the poor, welcoming migrants, and ending the scourge of human exploitation