Pope Francis’ Two High-Ranking Cardinals Are On The Ground With Ukrainian Refugees

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Currents News Staff

The two top cardinals Pope Francis sent to Ukraine are already on the ground with refugees. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who is in charge of distributing money to church institutions, met with Caritas Lublin in Poland on Monday.

The cardinal traveled to the major border crossings along the Poland-Ukraine border and met with refugees and volunteers. One of those stops included a train station where Mayor Kanitra is – Przemysl.

The 150-year-old station is the main hub for people escaping by railway. Five to 10 trains leave each day with around 2,000 women and children. Cardinal Krajewski watched the volunteers and employees there work and offered blessings to those who needed it.

This occurred as Cardinal Michael Czerny arrived in Hungary Tuesday to talk to refugees on behalf of the Holy Father. The cardinal went to the Kelety station in Budapest, where Caritas and the Order of Malta assist around 2,500 people a day. Ahead of his journey, Cardinal Czerny had this to say about his mission:

“I hope to be able to bring some material help, but I go above all to meet people, to be with them. This is the prophecy of a presence and a closeness that may appear weak, even insignificant according to the logic of the world and the force of arms.

However, this is not the case; being close to His people, to His children who suffer, is the way that God has chosen to enter into the history of the world, even at the cost of ending up on the cross.”