Pope Francis To Young People: Dream Big Like Mother Teresa

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Currents News Staff

From his first meeting of the day to the last one, Pope Francis highlighted St. Mother Teresa.

With civil authorities, he spoke of the world’s admiration for this recent saint who dedicated herself to the poor, abandoned and discarded.

“You are rightly proud of this great woman,โ€ said the Holy Father.

Pope Francis then went to the memorial of the saint, built over the church where she was baptized in 1910. He prayed before her statue and relics, lighting five candles representing the country’s five religious confessions.

Before celebrating Mass, Pope Francis greeted the poor who are helped by the Missionaries of Charity.

The Mass was celebrated in Macedonia Square for around one percent of the country’s population, who identify as Catholic.

Later, in his ecumenical meeting with youth, the pope encouraged them to dream big, like Mother Teresa.

“Yet she kept dreaming and tried to see the face of her great love, Jesus, in all those people on the sides of the road. Each of you is called, like Mother Teresa, to work with your hands, to take life seriously and make something beautiful of it. Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed of our dreams,โ€ said Francis.

The last meeting of the day was with the country’s religious and their families. He encouraged them to continue their mission, even if it seems impossible.

Using Mother Teresa as an example, Pope Francis said when one is anointed by Jesus, nothing can prevent merciful work toward those most in need.

After about 10 hours in the country, the pope boarded the plane to return to Rome, in conclusion of his 29th pastoral trip outside of Italy.