Pope Francis: To Hate is to “Murder With The Heart”

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Currents News Staff

Pope Francis continued explaining the meaning of the fifth commandment. He said it has a greater depth than it appears at first glance. He pointed out that insulting, contempt and indifference are other ways of killing.

“Jesus puts all these sins on the same line as killing. We are used to insulting. It is true! An insult comes to us as if it were a breath. Jesus tells us, ‘Stop! Because the insult hurts; it kills,’” said the Holy Father.

The Pope stressed the importance of empathy, of putting oneself in the shoes of others, to know what hurts them.

“In order to hurt a woman, you only need to make a cold gesture against her. In order to break the heart of a young man, denying him trust is enough. In order to annihilate a man, all you have to do is ignore him. Indifference kills. It’s like saying to the other person, ‘You are dead to me,’ because you have murdered him in your heart,” he said.

Have empathy and take initiative. Pope Francis said it is wrong to be content to doing nothing wrong. It is the deception of someone who, in reality, does not want to do anything. People, he said, are not like a mineral or a plant, they are asked much more of their life.