Pope Francis to 20 New Cardinals—Jesus Asks You: ‘Can I Count On You?’

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Currents News Staff

In a ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis welcomed 20 new men into the College of Cardinals.

Cardinal Arthur Roche, Prefect of the Dicastery for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, greeted the Pope on behalf of all the new cardinals. He spoke about their new mission of helping Pope Francis carry the cross of responsibility for the Church.

“With great joy, we wish to walk at your side knowing that you have been entrusted with the keys of the Kingdom. It is with gratitude and trepidation, therefore, Holy Father, that we offer you our profound respect and our obedience and, should the Lord wish it, even to the shedding of our blood,” said Cardinal Arthur Roche.

During his homily, the Pope reflected on the dual image of fire in the Gospels. He encouraged the newly appointed cardinals to be animated by the fire of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their mission within the Church.

Jesus also wants to cast this fire on the earth today; he wants to light it again on the shores of our daily stories. He calls us, each of us, by name. We are not numbers. He calls us by name. He looks into our eyes each one of us, let us look into our eyes and he asks: tell me, you, new cardinals and you, brother cardinals: can I count on you? That is the Lord’s question,” said the Holy Father.

Pope Francis reminded the 20 men to keep their gaze on Christ to help them in their humble service to families, migrants, and the poor.

Each of the new cardinals knelt before the Pope to receive the zucchetto, berretta, and ring as signs of their pastoral ties to the Church. Pope Francis then greeted each cardinal with an embrace of peace.