Pope Francis: Prostitution is a ‘Wound to Humanity’

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Currents News Staff

“A disease of humanity, a disgusting vice that confuses making love with airing out one’s instincts by torturing a defenseless woman.” With these strong words, Pope Francis described the tragedy of prostitution.

He said that it was a wound to humanity’s collective conscience and that person cannot be put up for sale.

Those were just some of words contained in the prologue of a new book, titled ‘Crucified Women’ by Father Aldo Buonaiuto. In it, Pope Francis recalled how he felt when he visited a group of former prostitutes during the Year of Mercy.

“Today, I ask you all for forgiveness. For all the Christians, for all the Catholics, who have abused you. And I also for forgiveness on my part, for not having sufficiently prayed for you and for this slavery,” he told them.

He said he never thought to meet women who “were truly crucified,” and hoped that the book will help others understand that if high customer demands are not stopped, it will be impossible to counteract exploitation and humiliation.

Additionally, he said that freeing women in circumstances of being “poor slaves” is a gesture of mercy and duty for all men.

Pope Francis also said that no one should ignore nor wash their hands of innocent blood that is spilled on the world’s streets.

These strong words were made public on the eve of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30th.

According to the United Nations, 72 percent of the victims of this crime against humanity are women and girls.