Pope Francis Meets Afghan Christian Families Who Fled The Taliban

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Currents News Staff

A picture of the Kabul airport was taken in August. Just a month later, this scene played out at the Vatican. Between them is the nightmare this Afghan Christian family experienced to escape from the Taliban.

Worried that they would be targeted for their faith and because of the young age of the women in the family, they reached out to Pope Francis and this Italian member of parliament for help. The politician mobilized to get them to Italy.

Through tears, they recounted their story to the Holy Father about how they hid their faith for years. One woman gave him one of their family’s prized possessions. She says she brought this ring all the way from Afghanistan and she wants to give it to the pontiff.

One teenager had sent the pontiff his shirt days before. It’s the shirt the young man wore while fleeing from Afghanistan and that a journalist from Rome Reports gave to Pope Francis during the papal flight. Now the family had the opportunity to personally meet the Holy Father. It’s an experience to start their new life.